Quality you can feel.

Only a designer item of pure cashmere wool is so pleasant to the senses that you never want to take it off. That’s why Ella Silla uses only the most exquisite Italian yarn compositions. Our devotion and passion result in such powerfully expressive collections that create a monument to nature’s most precious fibers with each piece of clothing. The goal: to make the fascination with cashmere a tactile experience. Every day anew – and with proper care, for a lifetime.

About our yarn

Ella’s legacy.

Time not only brings everything, it perfects everything. That’s why the success story of the Ella Silla label begins many decades ago in the hands of its name giver: Ella Silla Siewertsen. It is owed to her virtuoso knitting craftsmanship that the love for yarn sustains the family business to this day. Coupled with a boundless passion for cashmere fashion, today’s generation brings this legacy to its consummate form.

About our knitting craftsmanship