The History

Ella Silla is much more than a designer label or a business model, because behind the trademark stands an exclusive feeling for life – namely, the one with which the family enterprise has given its own passion a stage in the high fashion segment since 2018.

But the label’s success story already began many decades ago in the hands of the woman who gave it its name: Ella Silla Siewertsen. It is owed to her that virtuoso knitting expertise has been passed on through the family. In the meantime, the third generation stands for the highest possible quality and artistry in coarse-knit fashion.

With more creative energy and resolution than ever before, we are now working daily to make the best even a little bit better. Coupled with a boundless passion for cashmere and luxury fashion, Ella Silla’s old craft is thus not merely continued, but brought to its consummate form.

The Fabric

A specificity of the most precious of all cashmere yarns is that it already touches the senses at its site of origin. Bottom hair from cashmere goats is combed out in painstaking manual labor in accordance with a careful, traditional method before it is washed and selected under watchful eyes. This ensures that only the longest and purest cashmere fibers set off on their journey from Inner Mongolia to Europe– specifically to the country that has earned merits for centuries for the quality of the best yarns and fabrics: Italy.

Once it is there, the valuable cashmere wool is presented directly to the traditional spinning mills of Ella Silla’s contract partners. Only after meticulous examination in the lab is it then spun to yarn that fulfills the highest demands for purity and quality.

Even long before it draws glances outside, each individual item from Ella Silla receives the full attention of a master knitter. Through decades of experience and devoted precision work, her hands transform the precious cashmere yarns into the perfectly formed pullovers, caps, and shawls that make Ella Silla so special.

The point of our work lies in the pleasure it gives us.”

Stitch for stitch – and every day anew.