This season we want to make a difference by approaching the latest capsule collection with a sustainable contribution. Over the years, we have accumulated a significant amount of overproduced cashmere garments.

Since we always committed ourselves to think forward and fighting against mass consumerism, we have decided to incorporate the surplus of materials for this season. "Siklus" is an analogy for life, a new cycle, and a commemoration for the planet. The lively colors used in this collection are a homage to nature's beauty and life's joy. Each collection piece is a unique, one-of-a-kind design made from 100% up-cycled unused materials of previous collections.

While this one step is considered a small one in the broader picture, it is an essential step for the brand in general. We want to sustain a bright future and positively look forward to the upcoming possibilities of elaborating long-lasting fashion cycles.

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